Multi-user facility including confocal microscopy, live cell imaging, high content screening and colony analysis


An extensively used multiuser facility comprising of:

  • 2x Leica SP5 TCS confocal microscopes
  • Andor Revolution XD Spinning Disk microscope
  • Leica Matrix HCS screening / live cell imaging microscope
  • Zeiss Imager H&E and fluorescence microscope
  • Flourescent inverted microscopes for Tissue culture.
  • Incucyte time lapse systems
  • Nikon Biostation IM time lapse system


Expert advice, assistance and training are able for the following:

  • All aspects of imaging for researchers
  • Image analysis and custom analysis tools
  • Processing of image volumes (deconvolution, 3D reconstruction)
  • Creation of figures for publication

High Content_Imaging Services


The Imaging Facility is managed by Peter Humphreys

How to book

Please consider other users by only booking the time that you need. You cannot change or cancel a booking after a session has started. Cancelling booked sessions at the last minute deprives other users of access to the systems. If you wish assistance during your session, please contact the Facility Manager before booking to ensure assistance is available.

For further information regarding services provided by the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Imaging Core Facility, please contact:

To make a booking, please go to the online Booking System.

If you need to request a booking system account, click here.


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