Information Technology Services

Core network and infrastructure

The Stem Cell Institute IT support team provides advice and support to all members of the SCI. Details on how to make a support request can be found on the SCI intranet. We run the bioinformatic facility infrastucture, however, general bioinformatic questions should be directed towards the bioinformatic team.

For general IT enquiries please email


We run a large storage system for the core BioInformatic staff. This consists of two servers, each with 44 terabytes of storage. One server is hosted onsite at the Centre for Stem Cell Research and the other at the Anne McLaren Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine (LRM). The storage works as a mirror, taking data from the main processing servers when it is ready for archiving.

We also run the results server allowing them to publish procesed data, such as bigwig files, for their users in a secure manner and to accept files by SFTP.

Future plans are for a shared application server for software such as Genespring, IPA and Lasergene.


The Information Technology Services facility is run by our Computer Officer, Paul Sumption.

The LRM IT officer is Barlow McLeod.

The Academic chair for this facility is Dr Brian Hendrich.

How to book

For booking time with the bioinformaticians please email

We do not have any publications, however, there is a frequently asked questions section in the IT section of the Stem Cell Institute intranet. This provides information on solving the most common IT problems and should be your first point of reference before raising a support ticket.

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