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Single Cell Platforms

The Single Cell Platforms facility was established through a recent £3.5M MRC Clinical Research Infrastructure Award (coordinated by Professor Bertie Göttgens) to support single cell genomics and single cell functional assays. State of the art technologies will be brought together in a dedicated facility within the new Capella building. Specifically, the new technologies will allow researchers to:

  • Characterize/isolate/quantify heterogeneous cell populations in blood, body fluids, normal and cancer tissues
  • Interrogate gene expression signatures, protein activity and signal transduction/biochemistry in single cells
  • Generate single-cell genomic /epigenomic /transcriptomic next-generation sequencing datasets

Single cell genomics research in the SCI benefits from close interactions with the single cell genomics facility at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, as evidenced for example by Jenny Nichols, Bertie Gottgens and Ben Simons being coPIs with Sanger colleagues on a WT Strategic Award which employs single cell genomics to delineate early mammalian tissue specification.  

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