University Interdisciplinary Research Centre

As an Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) the CSCI has the explicit endorsement of the University’s Research Policy Committee as a cross-School initiative involving the School of the Biological Sciences, School of Clinical Medicine, School of Physical Sciences, School of the Humanities and Social Sciences, and the School of Technology. The Institute extends the research priorities and strategies of the individual Schools by tackling cross-disciplinary challenges and creating a shared cross-School vision in stem cell biology and medicine.

Principal Investigators

CSCI Principal Investigators have been reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board and approved by the Wellcome Trust and MRC. They are independent group leaders whose research is primarily focussed on stem cell biology & medicine. They will have senior author publications in the field and hold stem cell-related fellowship and/or grant funding.

Principal investigators and their research teams have access to all CSCI core platforms and resources. They may offer PhD projects for students on the 4 year PhD programme in Stem Cell Biology & Medicine. They are expected to contribute to critical discussion sessions with the students. Principal Investigators and their group members are expected to participate in all seminars and networking activities of SCI including the annual PhD student symposium, retreat and ISAB Meeting.

Principal Investigators are formally evaluated at CSCI mid-term and quinquennial reviews.

The funders require that Principal Investigators include the "Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council Stem Cell Institute" in their address details on all relevant publications. 


CSCI Affiliates are individuals invited by the Scientific Advisory Board to engage with the Institute. They are independent group leaders whose research intersects with, or who have emerging programmes in, stem cell biology and medicine. They may be based in the University of Cambridge or in neighbouring research institutes such as the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, the Babraham Institute, or the Gurdon Institute.

Affiliates have access for collaborative studies to CSCI core platforms that are not available in their host department/institute. Affiliates are eligible to be partners in cross-disciplinary seed-funding proposals and may offer projects on the 4-year PhD programme (unless they participate in another Wellcome Trust PhD Programme). Affiliates may be asked to contribute to critical discussion sessions with PhD students. Affiliates may enrol students in the critical discussion series and their students can participate in CSCI student events.

Affiliates and their lab members are encouraged to participate in seminars, retreats and networking activities of CSCI and to develop collaborations with CSCI Principal Investigators.

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