SCI at the Anne McLaren Laboratory

We promote translational aspects of regenerative medicine research.

The Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine (LRM), named in memory of Cambridge researcher Dr Anne McLaren, builds on the University's expertise in understanding stem cells in clinically relevant model systems. The LRM provides a platform for numerous types of clinical applications, including transplantation, drug discovery, testing and medicines that improve the function of the body's own stem cells.

We host many of the Stem Cell Institute’s translational activities including generation and analysis of human induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs), production of human gene targeting vectors and provision of advanced widefield microscopy for stem cell imaging.

We are located in West Forvie building on Cambridge University’s Biomedical Campus, together with the Cardiovascular Laboratory, the Molecular Imaging Laboratory and the Phenomics Laboratory. The LRM is adjacent to the IPSC Core Facility, which is funded by the NIHR BioMedical Research Centre of the Cambridge University Hospital's NHS Trust. This location provides a unique mix of stem cell, cardiovascular, state of the art imaging and phenotype research in close proximity to Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge. This enables the translation of stem cell expertise thoughout the University to model diseases and generate novel therapies.


Research at the Anne McLaren Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine is focused on basic research leading to clinical applications. Our Research Groups include:

Mark Kotter - Neural stem and precursor cell differentiation in development and disease.

Roger Pedersen – Mechanisms of mesoderm differentiation in mammalian pluripotent stem cells.

Sanjay Sinha - Regulation of Smooth Muscle Cell Development and Disease.

Ludovic Vallier - Mechanisms controlling differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into definitive endoderm.

Substantial funds were contributed to refurbishing and equipping the West Forvie Building by The Medical Research Council, The Royal Society, The Wolfson Foundation and The British Heart Foundation.

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