UK RPM Pluripotent Stem Cell Platform (PSCP)

The UKRMP’s Cell Behaviour, Differentiation and Manufacturing Hub, the Pluripotent Stem Cell Platform (PSCP), builds upon emerging pluripotent stem cell (PSC) technologies to establish optimised processes for consistent and scalable cell manufacturing to meet the requirements of clinicians, regulatory authorities and industry for cell therapy applications. The PSCP commenced in February 2014.

The PSCP is developing protocols for transgene-free, EUCTD-compliant, production, expansion and safety qualification of PSCs; methods to understand and minimise functionally significant genetic or epigenetic variants during PSC manufacturing; standardised PSC differentiation protocols to underpin the derivation, manufacture and banking of therapeutically relevant, lineage-specific, intermediate stem cells.

The PSCP will also provide qualified processes for manufacturing regulatory compliant PSC products suitable for clinical use. As disease exemplars the PSCP will focus initially on the degenerative conditions of Parkinson's disease and neuropathic deafness.

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