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Public Engagement

 Public Engagement Steering Committee

Dr Rebecca Jones

Public Engagement Manager

Becky joined the Institute as Public Engagement Manager in March 2017, replacing Philippa Russell. She is responsible for creating a culture within the Institute of openess and dialogue between researchers and the public through developing and delivering the Institute's public engagement strategy. She is always on the look out for new opportunities to bring our researchers and members of the public together as part of our annual programme of public events and activities.

If you would like to find out more about our engagement projects or are interested in hosting an event, please contact Becky at .

Dr David Kent

Academic Champion

David leads a team of researchers interested in blood stem cells. He is passionate about sharing his work and all stem cell research with as many people as possible.

As the Public Engagement Champion at the Institute, David encourages all of our researchers to get involved in public events.                                                                                             


Dr Thorsten Klampfl

Postdoc rep

Thorsten sits on our Public Engagement Steering Committee. He is a researcher in the lab of Professor Tony Green, or Institute's Director.



Julia Spindel

PhD rep

Julia sits on our Public Engagement Steering Committee. She is a postgraduate in the lab of Professor Wolf Reik, an affiliate lab of the Stem Cell Institute, based out at Babraham Institute.


 Dr Helen Featherstone

Wellcome Mentor

Helen is our external Wellcome Mentor and consults on all aspects of our public engagement strategy and programme. Helen has extensive experience of public engagement through both research and practice. She brings over 14 years practical experience in creative STEM engagement alongside a PhD exploring public engagement with climate change. Her research, teaching and practice focus on the publics' experiences in direct and interactive public engagement.

Other representatives: Dr Charlotte Carroll (University of Cambridge, Research Strategy Office), Dr Hélène Doerflinger (The Gurdon Institute), Gill Currie (SCI Administrative Assistant) and Dr Abi Herrmann (SCI Research Strategy and Communications Manager).



Download our Strategy and lateast Activity Report


Public Engagement Resources

Need advice on planning planning, delivering and evaluating public engagement activities? The MRC have created a set of webpages just for you. Click here to find out more.


Public Engagement Hall of Fame

Some SCI researchers are prepared to go the extra mile to bring stem cell science out of the labs and into the public domain. Their 'engagement portraits' are proudly hung here.


Dr Jenny Nichols: Nobody else can explain mouse early embryo development this clearly.






Dr Tuzer Kalkan: Is determined to turn the Smith lab's research into an addictive arcade game.






Dr Maria Barreira-Gonzalez:

Knows how to hold a crowd.







Emily Calderbank: Believes that no scientific concept is too complex for Play-Doh.