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Stem Cell Club

Stem Cell Club Programme 2017

Monthly evening series, held at Biochemistry or at the Clifford Albutt Building

Wednesday 25th January 

6.30pm Biochemistry Lecture Theatre

Margaret (Peggy) GoodellBaylor College of Medicine, Texas 

DNMT3A in hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal and differentiation”

Balazs Varga, CSCI

"Before the first wave: regulation of neocortical potential"

Thursday 16th March 

6.30pm Clifford Albutt Building

Simon Buczaki, Cambridge Cancer Centre

"Targetting quiescent cancer stem cells in colorectal cancer"

Sam Behjati, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

"Tracing the origin of childhood cancer cells"

Wednesday 19th April 

6.30pm Biochemistry Lecture Theatre

Toshihiro Kobayashi, Gurdon Institute

"Depicting human germ cell program with porcine embryos"

Hannah Stuart, CSCI

"Signalling and transcriptional interplay establishes the naïve identity via distinct routes with key conserved features"

Wednesday 24th May 

6.30pm Biochemistry Lecture Theatre

Kosuke Yusa, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

"CRISPR-KO screening: development and application in stem cell biology"

Margherita Turco, Centre for Trophoblast Research

"Long-term hormone responsive organoid cultures of human endometrium"

Wednesday 21st June 

6.30pm Clifford Albutt Building

Tuzer Kalkan, CSCI

Martin Turner, Babraham Institute

Wednesday 19th July 

6.30pm Biochemistry Lecture Theatre

Jose Silva, CSCI

John MarioniCRUK Cambridge Institute

Wednesday 20th September 

6.30pm Clifford Albutt Building

Speakers TBC

Wednesday 18th October 

6.30pm TBC

Speakers TBC

Wednesday 22nd November 

6.30pm TBC

Speakers TBC

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