CODEX: next-generation sequencing database for haematopoietic and embryonic stem cell communities

CODEX provides one of the most complete resources of publicly available Next Generation Sequencing data which focuses on haematopoiesis and embryonic stem cell samples (over 1000 samples, including 221 unique transcription factors and 93 unique cell types) for direct interrogation. CODEX is a user-friendly database that permits the investigation of specific biological questions as well as large meta-analysis, thereby providing a useful resource for both experimental biologists and bioinformaticians.  CODEX can be found at:


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Sánchez-Castillo M, Ruau D, Wilkinson AC, Ng FS, Hannah R, Diamanti E, Lombard P, Wilson NK, Gottgens B. CODEX: a next-generation sequencing experiment database for the haematopoietic and embryonic stem cell communities. Nucleic Acids Research. PMID: 25270877


Full article in Nucleic Acids Research



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