Robust derivation of epicardium from human pluripotent stem cells

The embryonic epicardium gives rise to key cardiovascular tissue including coronary artery smooth muscle cells and cardiac fibroblasts. We have modelled the development of epicardium and coronary-like SMCs using human pluripotent stem cells in vitro. This system  provides a platform for drug screening and vascular disease modelling and may be of use for cardiovascular regeneration following myocardial infarction.


Publication details:

Dharini Iyer, Laure Gambardella, William G. Bernard, Felipe Serrano, Victoria L. Mascetti, Roger A. Pedersen, Amarnath Talasila and Sanjay Sinha* Robust derivation of epicardium and its differentiated smooth muscle cell progeny from human pluripotent stem cells Development dev.119271


Chicken embryo heart (HH34) showing epicardium and varying thickness of sub-epicardial space. Human ESC-derived epicardial cells injected into extraembryonic vasculature localised to the subepicardial space.


Image credit: Dr Laure Gambardella

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