Defined Oct4 level governs cell state transitions of pluripotency...

Defined Oct4 level governs cell state transitions of pluripotency entry and differentiation into all embryonic lineages

Embryonic stem cells have the ability to give rise to any cell of an organism. Oct4 is known to be an important gene for the maintenance of embryonic stem cell identity. We now show that a defined dose of Oct4 also controls two seemingly opposite biological processes, which are, reprogramming of somatic cells, such as neural and skin cells, back into an embryonic stem cell state and also differentiation of embryonic stem cells into all the cell lineages of an organism.

Journal: Nature Cell Biology


The figure describes how seemingly opposite roles of Oct4 in reprogramming and cell differentiation are interconnected. These are complementary and together form a dynamic system  which cells depend on to acquire and exit pluripotency.

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