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Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

Studying at Cambridge



Principal Investigators

Scientists leading the 29 stem cell laboratories in the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. 


128 Alcolea headshot

 Dr Maria Alcolea
Epithelial cell fate
and plasticity


Barker Roger 218

Prof. Roger Barker  
    Parkinson's and Huntington's

          128 Chalut headshot       

Dr Kevin Chalut
    Physical biology of pluripotency
and differentiation


128 Cvejic headshot

Dr Ana Cvejic
      Haematopoietic stem cells


Franklin Robin 128

Prof. Robin Franklin
Adult neural stem cells

and CNS regeneration

128 Ghevaert headshot

Dr Cédric Ghevaert
In vitro production of

 platelets for transfusion

128 Gottgens Bertie

Prof. Bertie Göttgens
Network control of

 normal and leukaemic
blood stem cells 

218 Green Tony

Prof. Tony Green



128 Hendrich headshot

Dr Brian Hendrich


control of
stem cell fate

128 Hodson headshot

Dr Daniel Hodson
Mutation timing in


Huntly Brian 128

Prof. Brian Huntly
Leukaemia stem

cell biology and

128 Karadottir headshot

Dr Ragnhildur Thóra 

signalling to central
nervous system
progenitor cells


128 Kent headshot3

Dr David Kent
Single cell fate choice

in normal and
malignant stem cells

128 Koo headshot

Dr Bon-Kyoung Koo
Homeostatic regulation

of adult stem cells

128 Laurenti headshot

Dr Elisa Laurenti
stem cells biology in
health and disease

128 Lee headshot

Dr Joo-Hyeon Lee
Stem cells and niches

McCaskie Andrew 128

Prof. Andrew McCaskie

therapies for bone
and cartilage repair 

128 Mendez Ferrer headshot

Dr Simón Méndez-Ferrer
Blood stem
cell niches

Nichols Jenny 128

Dr Jennifer Nichols

Philpott Anna 128

Prof. Anna Philpott

transcription factors

128 Pluchino headshot

Dr Stefano Pluchino
Stem cell signalling

and brain repair

128 Ringshausen headshot2

Dr Ingo Ringshausen

stem cells and

Rowitch David 128

Prof. David Rowitch
Glial cells and

response to injury

128 Silva headshot

Dr José Silva
Biology of induced


Simons Ben 128

Prof. Ben Simons
Tracing stem cell fate in

 development, maintenance 
and disease

128 Sinha headshot

Dr Sanjay Sinha
Vascular diseases

Smith Austin 128.jpg

Prof. Austin Smith
Stem cell potency

Vallier Ludovic 128

Prof. Ludovic Vallier
Mechanisms controlling

  differentiation of
pluripotent stem cells
 into definitive endoderm

128 Vassiliou headshot

Dr George Vassiliou
Leukaemic haemopoietic

stem cells