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Dr Daniel Hodson

Mutation timing in lymphomagenesis

Email: djh1002@cam.ac.uk

Laboratory Location:

Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, Clifford Albutt Building, Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Departmental Affiliation:

Department of Haematology

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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma is the 6th most common cancer.  It develops from progressive corruption of cell fate decisions at multiple stages of lymphoid development.  Although most lymphomas originate from the germinal centre stage of B cell differentiation there is increasing awareness that the process of malignant transformation may be initiated as early as the HSC.  Examples include the somatic mutation of EP300 and BRAF. However, to date, very little research has been conducted in this area.  My group uses a variety of techniques (including exome and RNA sequencing, ribosome profiling and patient derived xenografts) to identify the developmental timing of somatic mutation in lymphoma, the mechanistic contribution of these mutations to lymphomagenesis and the implications they have for the treatment and monitoring of patients. 

Hodson group

Jane Gao Miriam Di Re
Jade Gong Rebecca Caeser

Key Publications

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