Chee Lim

Chee Lim

2014 - 2017


Programme: Wellcome Trust 3-Year PhD Programme in Mathematical Genomics & Medicine

Supervisor: Dr Bertie Gottgens

Start year: Oct 2014

PhD project title: Transcriptional network control of blood cell development

PhD Project Research Summary: Haematopoiesis occurs in two distinct waves during development, namely transient primitive haematopoiesis and definitive haematopoiesis that persists into adulthood. Many important questions remain unanswered about the earliest stages of blood development. For example, there are debates on the identity of the initial early mesodermal cells that give rise to the HSCs, as well as the factors that regulate the cell fate decisions in these cells.

In my PhD project, I seek to provide answers to these questions by utilising recently developed techniques (i.e. single-cell RNAseq [scRNAseq] and single-molecule RNA in situ hybridisation [smRNA ISH]) to study haematopoiesis in mouse embryos. Analysis at single cell resolution has the potential to resolve many of the current controversies on the nature of early blood development.

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