Michael Segel

Michael Segel

2014 - 2017

Email: ms2211@cam.ac.uk

Programme: Harvard-Cambridge Herchel Smith Scholar

Supervisor: Professor Robin Franklin

Start year: Oct 2014


Patent Filings


SC-β Cells and Compositions and methods for generating the same  
Application number: PCT/US2014/041992
Other versions: WO2014201167A1
Inventors: Quinn P. PETERSON, Felicia J. PAGLIUCA, Douglas A. Melton, Jeffrey R. Millman, Michael Saris SEGEL, Mads GURTLER
Assignee: President And Fellows Of Harvard College
Priority date: 2013-06-11
Filing date: 2014-06-11
Publication date: 2015-01-29


Key Publications

1) Pagliuca FW et al. (2014). Generation of functional human pancreatic β cells in vitro. Cell. PMID: 25303535

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