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Frequently Asked Questions

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Before contacting the department, please check below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding the studentship application process.

What is our University of Cambridge Course Code?

BLSTR1 (MRes in Stem Cell Biology). However, you only need this course code if you are an overseas student applying for additional funding through the University's application form system (Applicant Portal).

When can I apply?

This studentship is advertised once each year. Applications are welcomed from October/November, with a closing date of January/February.

Do I need to complete a University application form?

All students must complete the departmental application form. 

Only successful students (after interview) will be asked to complete the University's online application using the new Applicant Portal.  However, if you are applying for additional funding to cover 'Overseas' fees, you will also need to complete the University's application form through their new Applicant Portal.

What is the stipend?

We can offer a stipend at the standard RCUK rate (tax-free), augmented from other sources to a starting stipend of £19,9187.

Do I need to take a language test?

You do not need to take a language test at application stage. If you are interviewed and offered a place on the programme, you will be asked to complete and submit the University's application form throught the Applicant Portal (unless you are an overseas student and already submitted one) and will then be given a "pre-offer language condition" by the Graduate Admissions Office. You would then need to arrange and complete a language test by a given deadline. 

Further information about this can be found here: Language requirements 

TOEFL: Please note that the Home Office announced on 17 April 2014 that they will no longer accept TOEFL as a Secure English Language Test (SELT) for visa-granting purposes. This follows their investigation into ETS English Language tests as a result of fraudulent activity exposed by the BBC’s Panorama programme. 

As a result the University of Cambridge will no longer be accepting TOEFL test scores as sufficient to meet the language entry requirements for Graduate study.

If I am applying for 'Overseas Fees' through the University's Graduate Applicant Portal and the deadline is 7th December 2016, does this mean that I will also have to complete your Departmental Application process by the same date, or do I still have until the 6th February 2017 to submit that one?

Providing you have submitted your University application throught Applicant Portal by 7th December 2016, you will still have until 6th February 2017 to submit our Department Application process.  

If I am applying for 'Overseas Fees' through the University's Graduate Applicant Portal, will my referees have to supply their references for both this and the Departmental application process? 

Yes they will. The difference is that you can request references directly through the University's Applicant Portal, but we ask you to request that your referees send references directly to the department. See 'How to Apply'.