A Leal Cervantes

Ana Leal Cervantes

2010 - 2014

Studentship Details


Dates of Study: Oct 2010 - Jan 2015

Programme: Wellcome Trust 1+3 Programme in Stem Cell Biology

PhD Supervisor: Dr Bertie Göttgens

Studentship Sponsor: The Wellcome Trust

Thesis Title: Transcriptional Consequences of Jak-Stat signalling in Haematopoiesis.

Public Outreach: Ana was a volunteer on the Stem Cell Institute stand at the University of Cambridge annual Science Festival in 2012 & 2014, and contributed to the University's 'BluSci' magazine.


Post PhD

Ana is currently applying for PostDoc positions.

Plain English

Cell fate choices are the result of interactions between external cues and the intracellular environment. Extracellular signals that regulate blood lineages include cytokines, some of which convey signals through the Jak/Stat pathway. As the specific mechanisms by which Stats regulate transcription are less well defined, my PhD project focused on understanding how cytokines alter gene expression (and thus cell phenotype) via the Jak/Stat pathway.

Key Publications

  1. Calero‚ÄźNieto FJ et al. (2014). Key regulators control distinct transcriptional programs in blood progenitor and mast cells. The EMBO Journal. PMID: 24760698.
  2. Hyun Jung Park et al. Tyrosine-unphosphorylated STAT5 represses the megakaryocytic transcriptional program. (Manuscript under review, 2015).

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