Hinal Tanna

Hinal Tanna

2010 - 2015

Studentship Details


Dates of Study: Oct 2010 - Sep 2015

PhD Supervisor: Dr Doug Winton and Prof Ben Simons

Studentship Sponsor: Medical Research Council

PhD Programme: MRC 4-year (1+3) PhD Programme in Stem Cell Biology & Medicine

Post PhD

From Oct-Dec 2015, Hinal undertook an internship at CRUK.

Since then Hinal has been searching for positions in the field of Science Policy amoung others.

Plain English

I studied the relationship between stem cell potential and replication timing during mouse intestinal epithelium development. I developed computational methods to produce and compare whole genome replication timing profiles, and showed that whole genome replication timing differences between stem cell populations include genes involved in the biological processes that underpin their distinct potentials.

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