Morteza Jalali

Morteza Jalali

2012 - 2015

Studentship Details


Dates of Study: Jan 2012 - Jan 2015

PhD Supervisor:Dr Ludovic Vallier

Studentship Sponsor: CRUK

Thesis Title:TBC

Post PhD

Morteza is now a Clinical lecturer in Oxford.

Plain English

Around 1 in 100 people in the UK are affected by a significant facial disfigurement as a result of cancer, injury or birth defects. Many of these people also suffer from associated functional and mental health problems. Embryonic stem cells taken from a fertilised human egg have the ability to develop into all specialised cell types in the body, such as skin, muscle, bone, cartilage, blood vessels and nerves. Our work concentrates on successfully growing these cells in the laboratory with an aim to developing replacement tissues (or groups of cells) that are suitable for transplantation, providing much needed new treatments for those affected by facial disfigurement.

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