Mahalia Page

Mahalia Page

2010 - 2014

Studentship Details


Dates of Study: Oct 2010 - Sep 2014

PhD Supervisor: Dr Kim Jensen

Studentship Sponsor: The Medical Research Council

Thesis TitleCharacterisation of Lrig1 expressing stem cells


Post PhD

In January 2015, Mahalia started a Research Associate at University College London (UCL), Institute for Child Health, London.


Research Illustrations

Image 1

Legend: This image show the locations of different stem cell populations in the hair follicle.

Plain English

Normal skin contains several different types of stem cells in distinct regions of the epidermis. We found each of these types of stem cells only looks after its local region as a self-contained compartment of the skin, however boundaries between compartments are rapidly broken after skin wounding.

Key Publications

  1. Wong VW*, Stange DE*, Page ME*, Buczacki S, Wabik A, Itami S, Van De Wetering M, Poulsom R, Wright NA, Trotter MW, Watt FM, Winton DJ, Clevers H & Jensen KB (2012). Lrig1 controls intestinal stem-cell homeostasis by negative regulation of ErbB signalling. Nat Cell Biol, 14, 401-8. (*equal contribution)
  2. Page ME, Lombard P, Ng F, Gottgens B & Jensen KB (2013). The epidermis comprises autonomous compartments maintained by distinct stem cell populations. Cell Stem Cell, 13, 471-82.
  3. Schepeler T, Page ME, Jensen KB (2014). Heterogeneity and plasticity of epidermal stem cells. Development, 141, 2559-2567. (Review article)

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