Nils Grabole

Nils Grabole

2008 - 2012

Studentship Details


Dates of Study: Oct 2008 - Sept 2012

Programme: 1+3 Programme in Stem Cell Biology

PhD Supervisor: Professor Azim Surani

Studentship Sponsor: The Wellcome Trust

Thesis Title: Role of Prdm14 in germ cells and pluripotent stem cells


Post PhD

After his PhD, Dr Grabole began working in the lab of Professor Azim Surani at The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge

Key Publications

  1. Gillich A, Bao S, Grabole N, Hayashi K, Trotter MW, Pasque V, Magnúsdóttir E, Surani MA (2012). Epiblast stem cell-based system reveals reprogramming synergy of germline factorsCell Stem Cell 10(4):425-39.
  2. Magnúsdóttir E, Gillich A, Grabole N, Surani MA (2012). Combinatorial control of cell fate and reprogramming in the mammalian germline. Curr Opin Genet Dev 22(5) 466-74.

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