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Wellcome - MRC

Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

Studying at Cambridge


Institute Staff



Operational management

Louise Balshaw 2017

Louise Balshaw

Institute Administrator


Ext: 60236

107 Hall, Steph

Dr Stephanie Hall

Principal Technician, Department Safety Officer (DSO) 

Ext: 60237

107 Herrmann, Abi

Dr Abi Herrmann

Research Communications Manager 


Ext: 60283 

Dr Rebecca Jones

Public Engagement Manager

Ext: 46948


Operations team

Susana Camacho 2017

Susana Camacho

Administrative Assistant (Data)

Ext: 46792   

Jordan Lyn

Lyn Jordan

Senior Grants/Accounts Clerk


107 Cooley Adam

Adam Cooley

Institute Secretary

Ext: 60233

107 Hughes,David1 

David Hughes

Grants/Accounts Clerk

Ext: 60242 

107 jack jo

Jo Jack

PhD Administrator

Ext: 60288

107 Paralova, Edita (CSCR) 3

Edita Paralova

HR Administrator



Ext: 60247

Palmer Greg

Greg Palmer

Public Engagement Assistant

Ext: 61189

107 Vaultrin, Herve

Hervé Vaultrin

Grants/Accounts Clerk



Facility Management

128 Dietmann, Dr Sabine (SCSR)

Sabine Dietmann

Bioinformatics Facility Manager                              
Peter Humphreys 2017

Peter Humphreys

Imaging Facility Manager
107 lees 

Sally Lees

Tissue Culture Facility Manager
Maike Paramor 2017 

Maike Paramor

Gene Services Facility Manager
Irina Pshenichnaya 2017 

Irina Pshenichnaya

Histopathology Technician
Andy Riddell 2017

Andy Riddell

Flow Cytometry Facility Manager                                
Mark Sharpley

Mark Sharpley

Computer Manager


Facility staff

128 Barber, Michael

Michael Barber

Research Assistant - Bioinformatician                                  

107 bird

Kate Bird

Histology Technician 
128 Bornelov, Susanne

Susanne Bornelov

Research Associate - Bioinformatician

Diana Breitmaier

Tissue Culture Technician
107 Bulczak, Kamila

Kamila Bulczak

Tissue Culture Technician
128 diamanti.png

Lila Diamanti

Gossage Helen

Helen Gossage

Principal Technician (Anne MacLaren Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine)

Annie Hoxhalli

Flow Cytometry Research Assistant
107 Leech Ms Jane 

Jane Leech

Glass Washer and Media Technician
107 Morrison, Daniel1

Daniel Morrison

Technician (Clifford Albutt Building)
107 ring

Jennifer Ring

Glass Washer and Media Technician
107 skelton

Helen Skelton

Histopathology Services Technician
107 Starling, Andrea2

Andrea Starling

Histology Technician

107 Thomson,Jean

Jean Thompson

Tissue Culture Technician
107 Zappone, Marcello 

Marcello Zappone

Chief Computing Technician


Gleeson Building management

107 Bagstaff, James

James Bagstaff

Chief Building Services Technician                                       


Agne Jukneviciene


107 Pelegrin, Mr Roy (CSCR)

Roy Pelegrin

107 Schwarz, David

David Schwarz

Senior Chief Building Services Technician              

Ext: 60238

107 Russell Wendy

Wendy Russell



Ext: 60240

Christian Zwierzanski   



PluriMes project

107 Nelder Walsham Ms Jenny 

Jenny Nelder

PluriMes Project Manager                                                   

107 Taylor, Charlotte

Charlotte Taylor

PluriMes Administrative Assistant                           

Ext: 46818