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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute



Corpus, 2018

Dalziel + Scullion

Location: Adjacent to Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre

Corpus is a permanent sculpture commissioned for the external grass oval to the east of the building. Recalling the stone circles erected by our ancestors, the seven sculptures of Corpus appear as a series of scattered bones. Drawing on the structure of spinal vertebrae, the work symbolises inner strength, persistence and determination and refers to the complex structural connections of the body and the site. 

People are encouraged to interact with the stones – to sit, recline or lie on their cool stony surfaces experiencing the forms and offering an opportunity to ‘recalibrate and renew’.

As part of the public art commission five Cambridge based artists/artist groups worked with Dalziel + Scullion on a city-wide programme of activity that introduced the art being produced on site to a wider audience. 

Works by the collaborating artists Lucy Steggals and Philip Cornett were presented in December 2019 at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre Art Launch. 

#Ooh0 Mushroom Silence, 2019, Lucy Steggals

A Modern Lapidary, 2018, Philip Cornett


A copy of the Corpus brochure is available for download.