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Leadership & Governance


Professor Tony Green was appointed as Director from April 2016. He is supported by a Senior Advisory Committee within the Institute and also by an International Scientific Advisory Board. Tony is distinguished for studies into the mechanisms by which normal blood stem cells are subverted to cause malignancies and leads a pioneering research group within the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. 


Tony Green


Professor Green has extensive experience of research leadership. As Chair of Haematology at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, he has fostered integration of clinical and academic haematology and has overseen a substantial expansion in clinical and diagnostic haematology. 

He is President of the European Haematology Association and has chaired multiple UK and European committees for fellowships, grants, education and training.  He directs the only Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Specialised Centre of Research in Europe, and co-directs the Cambridge NIHR BRC Cancer Theme.

Tony has an especially strong record in mentoring and training. In particular he has fostered a cadre of young scientists, including over 20 clinician scientists, many of whom have gone on to win professorships, senior fellowships, lectureships or other independent positions in the UK and abroad.


Senior Advisory Committee

The SAC is made up of all professorial members of the Institute, and is responsible for strategy, space and allocation of resources.

        107-Barker 2017          

Roger Barker

         128-Franklin 2017         

Robin Franklin


Bertie Göttgens


Brian Huntly

107-McCaskie 2017

Andrew McCaskie


Jenny Nichols


Anna Philpott


David Rowitch


Ben Simons

 Smith Austin 128.jpg

Austin Smith


Ludovic Vallier



International Scientific Advisory Board

The ISAB consists of distinguished stem cell researchers who provide expert evaluation and advice through annual visits and reports.

Governance Committee

This is made up of senior members of the University who meet annually, providing oversight and alignment with University strategy and resources.

Operational Committees

There are a number of CSCI wide committees that currently meet, including:

At the moment, day to day management of the CSCI is undertaken by various management committees based in the six CSCI locations. As we approach Capella, a single CSCI Management Committee will be formed. This Committee will oversee all CSCI committees including those above as well as:

  • Facilities
  • IT
  • Health & Safety
  • Equality & Diversity

Working Groups

We have established multiple Working Groups to plan for life in Capella. Each meets regularly and provides written reports to the Senior Advisory Committee (SAC).

Biofacility Working Group

Chair: Austin Smith

Members: Arthur Kazer, Steph Hall, Tina Hamilton, Simon Mendez-Ferrer, Bill Mansfield, Jenny Nichols, David Rowitch, Kourosh Saeb-Parsy, Chao Zhao, Louise Balshaw

Clinician Scientist Recruitment and Development Working Group

Chair: Andrew McCaskie

Members: Roger Barker, Simon Buczacki, Brian Huntly, David Rowitch

Computing and Bioinformatics Working Group

Chair: Bertie Göttgens 

Members: Paul Bertone, Sabine Dietmann, Daniel Hodson, Thora Karadottir, Sanjay Sinha, Mark Sharpley

Flow Cytometry Working Group

Chair: Bertie Göttgens 

Members: Cedric Ghevaert, David Kent, Joo-Hyeon Lee, Andy Riddell, Sanjay Sinha, Jose Silva, Louise Balshaw

Imaging Working Group

Chair: Robin Franklin

Members: Kevin Chalut, Menna Clatworthy, Laure Gambardella, David Goulding, Steph Hall, Peter Humphreys, Thora Karadottir, Simon Mendez-Ferrer, Stephen Reece, Ankur Mutreja, Louise Balshaw

Cell Culture Working Group

Chair: Ludovic Vallier 

Members: Cedric Ghevaert, Steph Hall, Brian Huntly, Elisa Laurenti, Sally Lees, Stefano Pluchino, Jose Silva, Austin Smith, Louise Balshaw, 

Website Working Group

Chair: Elisa Laurenti

Members: Kevin Chalut, Cedric Ghevaert, Abi Herrmann, Marcello Zappone, Gill Currie, Louise Balshaw