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Working Groups

We have established multiple Working Groups to plan for life in Capella. Each meets regularly and provides written reports to the Senior Advisory Committee (SAC).

Biofacility Working Group

Chair: Austin Smith

Members: Arthur Kazer, Steph Hall, Tina Hamilton, Simon Mendez-Ferrer, Bill Mansfield, Jenny Nichols, David Rowitch, Kourosh Saeb-Parsy, Chao Zhao, Louise Balshaw

Clinician Scientist Recruitment and Development Working Group

Chair: Andrew McCaskie

Members: Roger Barker, Simon Buczacki, Brian Huntly, David Rowitch

Computing and Bioinformatics Working Group

Chair: Bertie Göttgens 

Members: Sabine Dietmann, Daniel Hodson, Thora Karadottir, Kirti Prakash, Sanjay Sinha, Mark Sharpley

Flow Cytometry Working Group

Chair: Bertie Göttgens 

Members: Cedric Ghevaert, David Kent, Joo-Hyeon Lee, Andy Riddell, Sanjay Sinha, Jose Silva, Louise Balshaw

Imaging Working Group

Chair: Robin Franklin

Members: Kevin Chalut, Menna Clatworthy, Sally Forrest, Laure Gambardella, David Goulding, Steph Hall, Peter Humphreys, Thora Karadottir, Simon Mendez-Ferrer, Louise Balshaw

Cell Culture Working Group

Chair: Ludovic Vallier 

Members: Cedric Ghevaert, Steph Hall, Brian Huntly, Elisa Laurenti, Sally Lees, Jose Silva, Austin Smith, Louise Balshaw

Website Working Group

Chair: Elisa Laurenti

Members: Kevin Chalut, Cedric Ghevaert, Abi Herrmann, Marcello Zappone, Louise Balshaw