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Other PhD Opportunities

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Studentship Opportunities

In addition to our Four-Year (MRes + PhD) Programmes, our labs are currently offering the following opportunities:


MS Society PhD Studentship with Professor Robin Franklin (studentship starting in April 2018)

Rejuvenating ageing CNS progenitors by partial reprogramming


Applicants are invited to apply for an MS Society-funded PhD studentship in the laboratory of Professor Robin Franklin at the Wellcome Trust-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge.

The central aim of this PhD project is to address the hypothesis that partial reprogramming is able to rejuvenate an aged CNS progenitor cell with failing regenerative capacity into a young CNS progenitor cell with efficient regenerative capacity. It will involve a range of techniques including cell culture and use of novel transgenics.

Laboratory location: Cambridge Biomedical Campus; Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

For general application enquiries, please email: Professor Robin Franklin,

For full details please visit: 

To apply: Submit your application via the University's Graduate Admissions website. Applicants must also send an expression of interest letter to, explaining why you are interested in this studentship.

Application Closes: 6 December 2017

MS Society

MRC Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) with Professor Anna Philpott

Drugging transcription in colorectal carcinoma using the “DegraderRP” platform


MRC-funded PhD studentship under the supervision of Professor Anna Philpott

Laboratory location: Hutchison/MRC Research Centre; Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

For general application enquiries, please email:

For full details please visit: MRC DTP website

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 CRUK Cambridge Centre MRes/PhD programme with Professor Anna Philpott

Why are some neuroblastoma tumours resistant to differentiation?


CRUK Cambridge Centre MRes rotation project with Professor Anna Philpott

Laboratory location: Hutchison/MRC Research Centre; Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

For full details please visit: CRUK Cambridge Centre

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