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Other PhD Opportunities

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Studentship Opportunities

In addition to our Four-Year (MRes + PhD) Programmes, our labs are currently offering the following opportunities:


Wellcome-funded 3-Year PhD Programme in 'Stem Cell Biology & Medicine' (Starting October 2018)

Application closed. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted soon.

Stem cell biology aims to identify and characterise which cells are true stem cells, and to elucidate the physiological, cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern self-renewal, fate specification and differentiation. This research should provide new foundations for biomedical discovery, biotechnological and biopharmaceutical exploitation, and clinical applications in regenerative medicine.

The University of Cambridge is exceptional in the depth and diversity of its research in Stem Cell Biology, and has a dynamic and interactive research community that is ranked amongst the foremost in the world. By bringing together members of both the Schools of Biology and Medicine, this studentship will enable you to take advantage of the strength and breadth of stem cell research available in Cambridge. Choose from over 50 participating host laboratories using a range of experimental approaches and organisms.


Students are expected to have chosen a laboratory for their thesis research prior to application, and to have obtained the support of the PI. A list of eligible supervisors can be found here

Please note that these Group Leaders are eligible to supervise our students, but may not necessarily have a current project to offer, nor be in a position to accommodate a student at this time. This is why we advise you contact potential supervisors to discuss these things, prior to submitting an application.

Students will have access to our Discussion course during the first year, where they will:

  • Study fundamental aspects of Stem Cell Biology through a series of teaching modules led by leaders in the field.
  • Learn a variety of techniques, such as advanced imaging, flow cytometry, and management of complex data sets.

Lineage tracing of hair follicle stem cells following stress exposure. Image Credit: Martyna PopisPluripotent stem cells allow capturing the genetic background in which a disease such as Parkinson's disease (PD) occurs. Induced pluripotent stem cells from a PD patient were turned into neuron progenitor cells that over more than 100 days in culture produce millions of densely connected nerve cells with cell bodies (in blue) and long processes called dendrites and axons (in green and red).Image Credit: Philipp Berg


We welcome applications from those who hold a relevant first degree at the highest level (minimum of a UK II.i Honours Degree or equivalent) as well as a Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline. You must have a passion for scientific research.

Wellcome provides full funding at the ‘Home/EU’ rate. Funding does not include overseas fees, so non-EU applicants will need to find alternative funding sources to cover these.

Enquiries are welcome via email to

Application Closed: 24 May 2018

Interviews will be held: Week commencing 11 June 2018

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