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Overseas Applicants

Information for Overseas Applicants

Definition of 'Home' and 'Overseas'

At the University of Cambridge there are two tiers of fees in place:

a) The 'home rate' is applicable to all students from EU countries plus one or two others.


b) The 'overseas rate' is applicable to those who do not qualify for the 'home' rate. 

For full details of the fees and to find out which you qualify as, please visit the Graduate Admissions website under What is my fee status?.


Wellcome/MRC Studentships and Overseas Candidates

Wellcome and The MRC only fund University tuition fees at the home rate. Overseas applicants will be required to obtain their own funding to cover the overseas component of the registration fees (approximately £8000 per year). While overseas applicants will be eligible for the Wellcome-funded studentships, additional restrictions exist on eligibility for the MRC studentships. Full details of the MRC Student Eligibility Requirements are available on their website.


Funding to cover Oversees Fees

Overseas applicants can obtain possible additional funding from a variety of sources. For specific information on the various funding schemes available for overseas students please click here or enquire by email to:

The Cambridge Stem Cell Institute is not involved in any way in the decision process for any of these awards for overseas fees. Candidates must apply for these awards separately from their PhD application. There is no guarantee that any application will be successful and you should note that awards will only cover three of the four years of this PhD Programme. However, additional sources of funding (e.g. college funds) may become available once you are at Cambridge University. 

You should bear in mind that these awards are highly competitive, with many more applicants than there are awards available. You should not, therefore, rely upon success in the competitions, and should investigate all other sources of funding.


Funding Deadlines

Important: If you are an overseas candidate and you wish to apply for an award to cover your oversees fees please check the deadline for applications for those schemes as many of them have deadlines that fall earlier than our departmental Programme application deadline.


Deadlines for Overseas Funding Applications

Cambridge University holds two main funding rounds for all graduate applicants with deadlines in December and January for admittance the following academic year. 

These two funding rounds require completion of the Funding section on the application form within the Applicant Portal  and co-ordinate funding from different sources. The funding deadlines for 2019 entry can be found at Graduate Admissions: Funding