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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


About our beer

Regenerator is a 4.2% session ale designed to engage new 'harder to reach' audiences with stem cell science.

The beer was developed by two of our PhD students Tim Lohoff (Reik Lab) and Daniel Bode (Kent Lab) in collaboration with local Cambridge brewery, Moonshine. It launched at Cambridge Beer Festival 2017, and featured in a selection of regional pubs during 2017. 

About stem cells

  1. Watch this short introduction to stem cells
  2. Listen to our new podcast series and get to know some of Cambridge Stem Cell Institute's lead researchers and their work.
  3. Hear patient stories, and the impact our research is having in understanding disease and developing new therapies.
  4. Come see us at one of our upcoming events.
  5. Explore our website.
  6. for more information about the work we do at the Institute.

More about the beer

Regenerator on tour

Help us showcase our Regenerator Scientific Session Ale and we'll bring science and a few extra punters! We're looking to run pub quizzes, talks and events across the Cambridgeshire region.

 if you're interested in developing/hosting an event for our series. 

Funded by a Public Engagement Seed Fund grant from the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.

Try the beer

For more information, contact  at Moonshine Brewery.