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Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


Dr Mohorianu, who is Head of Bioinformatics/ Scientific Computing at the CSCI, has been awarded a Turing Fellowship in Computer Science (Machine Learning and Bioinformatics).

Starting in October 2021, her research which supports the fellowship, focusses on the characterisation of Gene Regulatory Networks from multi-omics, single cell perspectives using (supervised and unsupervised) Machine Learning methods.

Dr Mohorianu says:

"I am happy to have received a Turing Fellowship in Computer Science – current research done in the Core Bioinformatics group already relies heavily on novel feature selection methods (feamiR) that enhance known classifiers and on an in-depth understanding of unsupervised, clustering outputs (clustAssess). I am looking forward to more collaborations with the CSCI PIs."

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