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We are delighted to announce the news that our affliate Principal Investigator, Anne Ferguson-Smith is the 2021 Buchanan Medalist.

Professor Ferguson-Smith is one of twelve former and current Cambridge researchers, including six women, to be recognised in 2021 for their exceptional research and outstanding contributions to science. She is also the current Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and the Arthur Balfour Professor of Genetics at the University of Cambridge.

Ferguson-Smith receives this award for her pioneering work on stem cells and the epigenetic programme, her interdisciplinary work on genomic imprinting, the interplay between the genome and epigenome, and how genetic and environmental influences affect development and human diseases. Find out more about the Ferguson-Smith Group here.

The award

The Buchanan Medal is awarded for distinguished contributions to the biomedical sciences and was created from a fund in memory of the physician George Buchanan FRS, (former Chief Medical Officer of the UK). The medal was first awarded in 1897.

The Royal Society’s President, Sir Adrian Smith, said:

“Through its medals and awards the Royal Society recognises those researchers and science communicators who have played a critical part in expanding our understanding of the world around us.”

“From advancing vaccine development to catching the first glimpses of distant pulsars, these discoveries shape our societies, answer fundamental questions and open new avenues for exploration.”

Professor Ferguson-Smith's achievement will be celebrated at Anniversary Day on 30 November 2021.

Find the full list of 2021 Royal Society medal, award and prize winners here.

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