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Cambridge Science Festival 2012

Racing into the future with The Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

esf groupThe Cambridge Science Festival ran from the 12 - 25 March 2012 and this year celebrated the Olympic and Paralympic Games, with the theme ‘Breaking boundaries’.

Staff from the Institute put on a fantastic exhibition in the Biology Zone promoting Stem Cells to all generations of visitors.

The team of twenty-five Ph.D students worked in shifts on 17th and 18th March to help the enthusiastic visitors understand the what's, why's, where's and how's of Stem Cell Biology.


Games to suit all ageseurosystem logo

The giant board game (devised by EuroSyStem) was popular with the younger children, who raced to see which team could collect the most ‘differentiated’ cells in a set time. Ping-pong balls substituted for stem cells, and giant dice were thrown to determine the next move. 

The Cell Pet experiment gave budding scientists a chance to test their skills with pipettes and syringes, learning in the process why we wear protective clothing, why cells are kept in an incubator and why they need feeding every day. Having deposited their clean and fed cells back into the incubator, they then moved to the microscope to see some real stem cells. 

Parents were also given the chance to put their questions to the scientists. Some parents teamed up with their children to play the 'where are your stem cells?' game by sticking cut out internal organs in the right position inside a body outline. The EuroSyStem Cell Turnover computer game also proved an instructive way to learn about how quickly cells are produced inside the body. 


We are already looking forward to next year!

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Stem Cell Institute Group Leaders elected as EMBO members

Jul 07, 2020

Two Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Group Leaders are among the 63 scientists from around the world elected this year as Members and Associate Members of the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO).

Institute PIs awarded university promotions

Jun 26, 2020

Many congratulations to our institute and affiliate PIs who have been awarded promotions through the University’s Academic Promotions process recognising their outstanding work.

Potentially cancerous cells kept in check by competitive neighbours, study of oesophagus finds

May 18, 2020

The expansion of ‘mutant’ cells that could lead to cancer is often kept in check by their neighbours, research from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, the University of Cambridge and their collaborators has found. The team discovered that when equally-matched cells in the oesophagus of mice coincided, they acted as a brake on one another’s growth.

Professor Ludovic Vallier elected to the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences

May 13, 2020

The Academy of Medical Sciences has elected 50 of the UK’s most prominent biomedical and health scientists to their Fellowship.

Key nose cells identified as likely COVID-19 virus entry points

Apr 23, 2020

Two specific cell types in the nose have been identified as likely initial infection points for COVID-19 coronavirus. Scientists discovered that goblet and ciliated cells in the nose have high levels of the entry proteins that the COVID-19 virus uses to get into our cells.

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