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Cell Science Investigators

CSI: School students in Cambridge become "Cell Science Investigators"

Students at St Mary's School in Cambridge became Cell science investigators with the help of researchers from the Wellcome Trust - Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. 

Anzy Miller (PhD student) and Aoife O'Shaughnessy (post-doctoral researcher) visited St Mary's on the 14th January 2013. They used EuroStemCell's tool CSI: Cell science investigators to introduce a class of ten 12-13 year olds to stem cell research and its applications. 


Feedback from the students when asked which parts of the lesson they liked and why 

  • "All of it. The talk, experiment, everything. The talk was very interesting and the experiment was fun"
  • "The practical, because it was fun"
  • "The experiment. It was cool !!! + very interesting."


Feedback from the teacher

  • They would consider repeating the lesson
  • The content was pitched appropriately for the age and ability of the students
  • The format of the lesson was well balanced
  • The content matched the curriculum goals.

Feedback from the researchers running the lesson 

"It was a great lesson, which the students enjoyed. We were told by their teacher that one of the girls who was really proactive in our lesson was normally very quiet and reserved. The teacher was also very keen to get us back in again soon so the lesson must have been good! 

It was also an interesting experience for us as researchers. The lesson plan was very thorough – especially the notes on the PowerPoint slides which were very useful. We found the students seemed very engaged with the lesson. There were lots of opportunities for them to interact: pretending to be a nerve cell passing on a message, playing with cards showing cartoons of cells to get an understanding of self-renewal and differentiation, and doing a "real" experiment where they could wear laboratory gloves. They were very excited about the gloves and wanted to take them home! 

We found the children very willing to learn and to hear what we had to say, and they understood everything quickly too. The lesson lasted about 45 mins. I really enjoyed the lesson, and enjoyed getting across some stem cell science to (hopefully!) the next generation of scientists!"


Run a stem cell lesson yourself

If you would like some assistance from the Stem Cell Institute with running one of these lessons in Cambridge, please contact the .


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