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BRAINFest 2017

An interactive showcase of all things ‘brain’

As part of the first ever Cambridge BRAINFest the Institute took along an exhibit on 'Stem cells and the Brain' to this vibrant take-over of Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Researchers from the Káradóttir and Franklin labs developed a set of interactive hands on activities to initiate conversations with the public about;

  • Why insulating the neurons in your brain with 'myelin' is so important.
  • How brain stem cells play their part in myelination.
  • What impact stem cell research is having on new therapies for myelin-related diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. 

In addition, Professor Roger Barker spoke about his pioneering Parkinson's research in the opening night showcase for the Festival on 23 June. 

BRAINFest was organised by Cambridge Neuroscience and ran from 23 - 25 June 2017.





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First cell map of developing human liver reveals how blood and immune system develop

Oct 09, 2019

In a world first, scientists have created the human developmental liver cell atlas that provides crucial insights into how the blood and immune systems develop in the foetus. It maps changes in the cellular landscape of the developing liver between the first and second trimesters of pregnancy, including how stem cells from the liver seed other tissues to support the high demand for oxygen needed for growth.

Diabetes drug reverses cell ageing and could stop multiple sclerosis

Oct 08, 2019

New research published in Cell Stem Cell suggests a common diabetes drug could hold the key to stopping disease progression in multiple sclerosis (MS). The new finding offers hope to people living with advanced forms of the condition, who currently have no treatment and often see disability as inevitable.

Stem cell studies offer hope for childhood neurological condition

Oct 03, 2019

Two new studies by an international team of researchers report progress in using stem cells to develop new therapies for Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease (PMD), a rare genetic condition affecting boys that can be fatal before 10 years of age.

Cancer cells ‘corrupt’ their healthy neighbours

Aug 28, 2019

The healthy cells immediately surrounding a tumour become more stem cell-like and support cancer growth, reveals a new study published in Nature. The discovery was made during a research collaboration between Dr Joo-Hyeon Lee at the Wellcome – MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and Dr Ilaria Malanchi at the Francis Crick Institute.

Discovering the numerous paths of stem cell decision making

Aug 15, 2019

How cells change their identity to become a different cell type and the route they follow to reach their final form is a fundamental unanswered question at the heart of developmental biology.

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