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Interdisciplinary Research Centre

stem cell cambridge - king's parade

Who We are

'Stem Cells Cambridge' is an assembly of individuals extending beyond Institute members who have a wide range of expertise and an interest in advancing stem cell research for the benefit of society.  Stem cell research is central to Cambridge University’s biomedical research strategy and was recognised as one of the first University Strategic Research Initiatives in 2010. 

Following continued growth and success, Stem Cells Cambridge graduated to become an Interdisciplinary Research Centre in 2016, bringing together more than 300 investigators from 17 departments across 5 Schools. 

Stem Cells Cambridge aims to facilitate a vibrant stem cell community in Cambridge, with the mission to enable productive research collaborations, lead the conversation on topical stem cell issues and raise the profile of stem cell research for the benefit of society.  


Our Aims

  • To strengthen research collaborations and knowledge transfer across disciplines
  • To increase research capacity and profile by providing a platform for large-scale funding applications, recruitments and international research partnerships
  • To address large-scale multi-disciplinary research challenges
  • To enhance our ability to influence national and international research, policy and funding agendas


Join Us

There are numerous benefits to being a member of Stem Cells Cambridge including:

  • Connection to a large network of researchers from a range of stem cell backgrounds, including medicine, engineering, sociology and fundamental biology. 
  • Invitation to join our monthly Stem Cell Club, a presentation and discussion forum where science, ethics and policy are addressed in a vibrant and engaging environment.  
  • Opportunity to receive and share stem cell news from across Cambridge via the Stem Cell Cambridge Newsletter.
  • Support and facilitation of cross - disciplinary activities, including workshops, seminars & international symposia

To find out more about Stem Cells Cambridge or to become a member please contact