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Dr Myriam Hemberger

128 Hemberger MyriamDr Myriam Hemberger

Regulation of self-renewal and differentiation of trophoblast stem cells

Laboratory Location: Babraham Institute




The focus of our work is on the establishment, maintenance and differentiation of trophoblast cells leading to formation of a functional placenta. Trophoblast cells are the major building blocks of the developing placenta. They are the first cell type to arise very early in development when they are set apart from cells giving rise to the embryo itself. 

Our two main areas of research are: 

  • Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of the trophoblast stem cell compartment
  • Establishment of a functional placenta


 Hemberger research 2017

Mouse Trophoblast Stem cells: Morphology and heterogeneity in stem cell marker expression. Image credit: Paulina Latos, Stephanie Chrysanthou


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