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Computational biology services


Bioinformatics Team Leader

Dr Sabine Dietmann,

Group Members

Ms Lila Diamanti,

Dr Susanne Bornelov,

Mr Michael Barber,

Miss Lena Morrill, 

The SCI Bioinformatics Group employs computational approaches to gain insights into the biology of stem cells. The group performs data analysis for a wide range of genomics experiments in partnership with groups across the institute. This includes development of computational pipelines for high-throughput sequencing applications, with particular expertise in transcriptomics, epigenetics and single-cell profiling techniques.

Collaborative projects typically feature custom analytical solutions and close interaction with experimental labs. Common elements of project execution include:

  • Design of high-throughput experiments in collaboration with SCI labs;
  • Liaison with platform providers to procure experimental output;
  • Computational analysis of high-throughput biological assays, such as microarrays, next-gen sequencing (NGS), and proteomics platforms;
  • Downstream analysis, data visualisation and interpretation of results;
  • Customised database queries and information extraction;
  • Data storage and archiving, interaction with external data repositories;
  • Provision of methods, results and graphics for publication; and
  • Tuition in generic bioinformatics methods and software.

Staff are based at multiple institute sites and computational infrastructure is also distributed between the Gleeson Building and the Addenbrooke's Hospital site. This arrangement promotes interactions with all the constituent labs in the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.

The group also organises a series of training sessions in statistics and data analysis methods for SCI students and postdocs.


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