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Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


Core Bioinformatics Team


Head of Bioinformatics/Scientific Computing

Dr Irina Mohorianu

All requests or enquiries on Bioinformatics support should be directed to



Mr Ruben Chazzara-Gil, Research Assistant - Bioinformatician,

Mr Toby Milne-Clark, Research Assistant - Bioinformatician,

Mr Ilias Moutsopoulos, Research Assistant - Bioinformatician,

Mr Arash Shahsavari, Research Assistant - Bioinformatician,

Ms Eleanor Williams, Research Assistant - Bioinformatician,


The CSCI Core Bioinformatics Group employs and creates computational approaches to gain insights into the biology of stem cells. The group performs both routine and customised data analyses for a wide range of genomics experiments in partnership with groups across the institute. This includes the use and development of computational pipelines for high-throughput sequencing applications, with particular expertise in coding and non-coding transcriptomics, epigenetics, single-cell profiling techniques and identification and characterisation of regulatory networks. Collaborative projects typically feature custom analytical solutions and close interaction with experimental labs.

The group also organises a series of training sessions in exploratory data analyses and statistical analyses for CSCI students and postdocs.

Group webpage



Mr Michael Barber, Research Assistant - Bioinformatician (currently PhD student at U Edinburgh)

Dr Susanne Bornelov, Research Associate - Bioinformatician (currently Senior Bioinformatics Analyst at CRUK)

Mrs Gabriele Adam, Research Assistant - Bioinformatician

Dr Christopher Ellis, Research Associate - Bioinformatician

Dr Elzbieta Lauzikaite, Research Associate - Bioinformatician,

Ms Oriana Oniciuc, Research Assistant - Bioinformatician,