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IT Services

Information Technology Services

Core network and infrastructure

The Stem Cell Institute IT support team provides advice and support to all members of the SCI.

We run the bioinformatic facility infrastructure, technical questions or requests for accounts should be sent to

For all general IT enquiries you can email . For support issues please submit a helpdesk ticket by emailing



We run a 24 node, 576 core compute cluster with 9 attached storage servers providing 450TB of storage. This is a resource shared equally between the SCI and groups working on Single Cell Genomics groups. In addition to this there is a large ram 64 core server for stand alone processing.

Cluster accounts should be requested via

Information for new cluster users can be found here acces is granted to the wiki when your cluster account is created. You need an account to access this link.

In addition to the large amount of storage and compute there is a high performance webserver hosting all of the bioinformatics projects websites. This used to publish processed data, such as bigwig files, the their users in a secure manner and to accept files by SFTP.



The Information Technology Services facility is run by our Computer Officer, his email is .

The Academic chair for this facility is Dr Brian Hendrich.


How to book

For booking time with the bioinformaticians please email

We do not have any publications, however, there is a frequently asked questions section in the IT section of the Stem Cell Institute's intranet. This provides information on solving the most common IT problems and should be your first point of reference before raising a support ticket.