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Pathways to Impact

Having a clear and detailed plan that demonstrates how you will achieve impact outside of academia is an essential component of many funding applications. Through Pathways to Impact statements and equivalent, researchers are expected to outline how they will ensure their research will contribute to society and/or the economy.

The University has developed a tool to help researchers, academics or support staff plan their approach to creating impact from research. It provides a step-by-step guide to planning research impact activity with links to many useful resources. It can be used to help write a Pathways to Impact plan for an RCUK grant, or more generally to plan for impact activity.

In addition, the Public Engagement Team at CSCI can provide direct hands on support with the drafting of Pathways to Impact Statements, helping to identify the wider societal impacts of your research and appropriate methods for achieving them.

For support in writing your Pathways to Impact Statement, please email