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Dr Simon Buczacki

128 Buczaki headshotDr Simon Buczacki

Cellular quiescence in intestinal homeostasis and tumorigenesis

Departmental Affiliation: Cambridge Cancer Centre




My scientific and clinical interests lie within translational surgical oncology. In particular I have specialised interests in the fields of intestinal stem and cancer stem cell biology. My research philosophy centres around the tenet of applying an understanding of normal cellular behaviour to that of oncogenically transformed populations. It therefore follows that my research encompasses the study of normal intestinal stem cell biology using contemporary tools such as GEMMs, lineage tracing and organoid assays in combination with the use of NGS and xenotransplantation to help understanf clonogenic cancer cell behaviour. I have a particular interest related to cellular quiescence and have developed robust tools to understand and manipulate their behaviour to clinical advantage.


Buczacki Research 2017

Quiescent tumour cells (highlighted) in an intestinal tumour organoid. Image credit: Simon Buczacki

Clinical position

CRUK Clinician Scientist and Honorary Consultant Colorectal Surgeon


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