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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute


Our Empowering Research Seminars cover a range of topics such as research integrity, data management, open access and research ethics. These workshops are open to all institute and affiliate researchers and provide training and advice on these important areas in research culture and integrity. These seminars are held monthly on Microsoft Teams. For further information email  Past recordings and slides are available here


Date Speaker
15th July 2021

Martin Howes, Sustainable Labs Co-Ordinator - University of Cambridge

Title: "Seeking Sustainability in the Lab"

Hosted by Dr Maite Bejar

8th July 2021

Elizabeth Bik, PhD, Science Consultant - Harbers Bik LLC

Title: "The Dark Side of Science: Misconduct in Biomedical Research"

Hosted by Prof Bertie Gottgens

29th June 2021

Liz Simmonds, Assistant Head of Postdoc Academy (Strategy) - University of Cambridge

Title: "Research Culture Institutional Plan"

Hosted by - Dr Brian Hendrich

18th May 2021

Sacha Jones, Research Data Manager - Cambridge University Library

Title: "Research Data Management Support at Cambridge"

Hosted by - Frances England

29th April 2021

Vickie Grenville and Lisa Clare, HR Advisers - University of Cambridge

Title: "Respect@work"

Hosted by - Prof Brian Huntly

18th March 2021

Dr Christine Boinett, Postdoctoral Fellow - Wellcome Sanger Institute

Title: "You NEED good mentors in your career!"

Hosted by - Dr Nicola Wilson

23rd February 2021

Jessie Monck, Learning and Development Consultant - University of Cambridge

"Managing micro-aggressions in the workplace"

Hosted by - Dr Maite Bejar

28th January 2021

Miriam Lynn, Equality and Diversity Consultant, University of Cambridge

"Implicit Bias"

Hosted by - Dr Nicola Wilson

8th December 2020

Gavin Jarvis, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology - University of Sunderland

"How Vital are your Statistics?"

10th November 2020  

Alexia Sutton, Open Access Service Manager, University of Cambridge

"Wellcome Open Access Policy Update"

24th September 2020

Natasha A. Karp, Data Sciences & Quantitative Biology, Discovery Sciences, R&D Biopharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca, Cambridge, UK

"Sex bias in preclinical research."

30th July 2020

Becky Jones (Public Engagement Manager) and Khalil Rawji (Postdoc, Franklin lab)

"Why engaging with those outside of research is important – and rewarding!"

30th June 2020

Florian Markowetz, Group Leader at the CRUK Cambridge Institute

"5 selfish reasons to work reproducibly"

23rd June 2020

Irina Mohorianu, Head of Scientific Computing, Core Bioinformatics group

"A Guide to High Performance Computing for Stem Cell Researchers"

12th May 2020

Irina Mohorianu, Head of Scientific Computing, Core Bioinformatics group

"No Good Science without Good Data Management"

30th April 2020

Danielle Daft & Emma Cutting, Barker Group, CSCI & Dept of Clinical Neurosciences

"From Concept to Clinical Trial"

2nd March 2020

Hannah Hope, Open Research Coordinator, Wellcome

"Open Access and Open Research: From Aspiration to Reality"

27th February 2020

Rhys Morgan, Research Governance and Integrity Officer (Uni)

"Research Integrity: Good for you, Good for your science"

30th January 2020

Ben Bleasdale, Senior Policy & Advocacy Advisor, Wellcome

"Wellcome Research Culture Initiative"