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Past PhD and Postdoc Seminars

Recordings of past seminars are available on the Stem Cell Institute’s Microsoft Stream page and can be accessed by anyone at the University of Cambridge. If you do not already have access to this, please email

Recordings of seminars that are accessible to those outside of Cambridge can be found at the links below.





Presenters (Group Leader) Chair

Myriam Haltalli (Göttgens)

Title: "Manipulating niche composition limits damage to haematopoietic stem cells during Plasmodium infection”

You can view the presentation here (Raven login required)

Bertie Göttgens


Presenters (Group Leader) Chair

Souradip Mookerjee (Ghevaert)

Title: "Engineering megakaryocytes to produce FVIIa-loaded platelets; a novel approach to treating acute bleeding"


Rute Tomaz, Postdoc, (Vallier)

Title: "The Role of Nuclear Receptors in Hepatocyte Maturation"

You can view the presentations here (Raven Login required)

Brian Huntly

Kelly Evans, PhD Student (Lee)

Title:"Human lung organoids to model SARS-CoV-2 infection"

Anna Maria Ranzoni, Postdoc (Cvejic)

Title: "Integrative single-cell RNA-Seq and ATAC-Seq analysis of human foetal haematopoiesis"

You can view the presentations here

Joo Lee


Adam Young, PhD Student (Franklin)

Title: "Transcriptomic plasticity of adult human microglia and implications for remyelination"

Guilia Bonetto, Postdoc, (Káradóttir)

Title: "Working memory acquisition requires novel myelin formation in task-specific brain regions"

You can view the presentations here

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