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Recordings of past seminars are available on the Stem Cell Institute’s Microsoft Stream page and can be accessed by anyone at the University of Cambridge. If you do not already have access to this, please email

Recordings of seminars that are accessible to those outside of Cambridge can be found at the links below.




  Speaker Chair

Speaker: Rachel Fenner, PhD student, Hodson lab

"Determining the functional mechanism of GNA13 in primary human germinal centre B cells". 

Harry Bultrode, Postdoc Clinical Fellow, Rowitch lab/Briscoe lab

 "Zika Virus Targeting and Resistance in Glioblastoma"

Daniel Hodson

Speaker: Adam Bendall, PhD student, Rugg-Gunn lab

'Defining the essential regulators of human naive pluripotent stem cell reprogramming'

You can view the presentation here.

Speaker: Teresa Brevini, PhD student, Sampaziotis lab

"What the biliary tree has taught us in the fight against COVID-19"


Maria Alcolea


Speaker: Zijian Fang, PhD student, Mendez-Ferrer lab

"Investigating the anti-leukaemia activity of tamoxifen in myeloproliferative neoplasms"

Speaker: Jinwook Choi, postdoc, Lee lab

Title: "When the tissue met inflammation in injury repair"     

You can view the presentations here.                                                         

Joo Lee




  Speaker Chair

Ilaria Chiaradia, PhD student, Lancaster lab

Title: "Do judge a book by its cover, morphology - transcriptome correlation in brain organoids" 

Deeti Shetty, postdoc, Sinha lab

Title: "Phenotypic analysis of patient iPSC-derived vascular smooth muscle cells bearing a novel heterozygous mutation in PPP1R12A gene"

You can view the presentations here

Sanjay Sinha



  Speaker Chair

Maurizio Mangolini, postdoc, Ringshausen

Title: "NOTCH 1 drives immune-escape mechanisms in B cell malignancies"

Ramy Ragheb, postdoc, Hendrich lab

Title: "Impact of Chd4 on transcription factor binding and transcription durin Erk signalling"

You can view the presentations here

Ingo Ringshausen


  Speaker Chair

Chris Todd, Postdoc, Reik lab

"Epiblast enhancer priming in the regulation of development-specific transcriptional networks".

Nicole Mende, Postdoc, Laurenti lab

"Integrated single cell analysis identifies unique molecular and functional features of extramedullary haematopoiesis in adult humans"


Elisa Laurenti

Yifan Zhou, PhD Student, Vassiliou lab

 "Non-human primate as a model for clonal hematopoiesis"

Takuya Azami, Postdoc, Nichols lab

"Roles of STAT3 during mouse post-implantation development"


George Vassiliou

Frances England, PhD Student, Lee lab

"Tracing alveolar stem cell dynamics during homeostasis and early oncogenesis”

Adrien Vaquie, Postdoc, Rowitch lab

"Cell based and gene therapy approach for Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease"

Joo-Hyeon Lee



  Speaker Chair

Andrew Hodgson, Postdoc, Chalut lab

"StemBond Hydrogels: Controlled Mechanical Environments for Enhanced Cell Cultures"

Joanna Krupka, PhD Student, Hodson lab

"In search of lost smORFs: non-canonical translation in lymphoid cells"

Kevin Chalut

Twm Mitchell, PhD Student, Turner lab

"Post-transcriptional regulation in T lymphocytes: RBPs Zfp36 and Zfp36l1 limit differentiation and function of effector T cells"

Robyn Macrae, Postdoc, Sinha lab

 "Using hESC-derived cardiomyocytes to explore the crtitcal importance of the apelin receptor in the cardiovascular system"

Sanjay Sinha

Stephen Gadomski, PhD Student, Mendez Ferrer lab

"The sympathetic cholinergic system in bone and marrow is enhanced by Interleukin-6”
Elena Corujo-Simon, Postdoc, Nichols lab

"Manipulating the physical environment to capture in vitro nascent Primitive endoderm/Hypoblast cells from early mammalian embryos”

Simon Mendez Ferrer








Matthew Williams, PhD Student, Green lab

“The role of canonical and non-canonical STAT5 signalling in HSCs”

Balazs Varga, Postdoc, Karadottir lab

Can immune cells alter brain development? The unusual role of “early birds”  

Tony Green


Thomas Dennison, PhD Student, Zilbauer lab

'The role of NOD-like receptor family CARD domain containing 5 in the intestinal epithelium in health and Inflammatory Bowel Disease'

Greta Skrupskelyte, Postdoc, Alcolea lab

'The role of the microenvironment in early lesions'  

Maria Alcolea