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Recordings of past seminars are available on the Stem Cell Institute’s Microsoft Stream page and can be accessed by anyone at the University of Cambridge. If you do not already have access to this, please email

Recordings of seminars that are accessible to those outside of Cambridge can be found at the links below.








Matthew Williams, PhD Student, Green lab

“The role of canonical and non-canonical STAT5 signalling in HSCs”

Balazs Varga, Postdoc, Karadottir lab

Can immune cells alter brain development? The unusual role of “early birds”  You can view the presentations here

Tony Green


Thomas Dennison, PhD Student, Zilbauer lab

'The role of NOD-like receptor family CARD domain containing 5 in the intestinal epithelium in health and Inflammatory Bowel Disease'

Greta Skrupskelyte, Postdoc, Alcolea lab

'The role of the microenvironment in early lesions'  You can view the presentations here

Maria Alcolea   





  Speaker Chair

Kaiser Karim, PhD student (Kotter)

"Integrative genomic analysis of Neurogenin2 reprogramming of human iPSCs"

Megan Sheridan, Postdoc (Turco)

"Primary human trophoblast stem cell models: deciphering their in vivo equivalents and recapitulating HLA expression"

You can view the presentation here

Mark Kotter

Elisa Panada, Postdoc (Cvejic)

“Deciphering the myeloid landscape of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer”

Vincent Knight-Schrijver, Postdoc (Sinha)

 “The transcriptomic gap between foetal and adult epicardium”  You can view the presentation here

Elisa Laurenti

Connor Ross, PhD Student (Nichols)

"Context-dependent cell fate choices throughout human development  - changing the situation when WNT arrives" 

Nejma Belaadi, Postdoc (Franklin)

"Tune the mechanical environment to expand hepatic cells"  You can view the presentations here

Robin Franklin

Yasmine Kamen, PhD Student, (Káradóttir)
Title: "Oligodendrocyte precursor cell states and their regulation"
Iwo Kucinski, Postdoc, (Göttgens)      
Title: "Interactions between lineage-associated transcription factors govern haematopoietic progenitor states"

You can view the presentations here

Bertie Gottgens

Paula Jimenez Gomez, PhD Student (Alcolea)

Title: "Epithelial plasticity: defining the transcriptional signature of esophageal-to-skin lineage conversion"

Toshiaki Shigeoka, Postdoc (Philpott)    

Title: ""Impact of the epigenetic landscape on the action of pioneer transcription factors"

You can view the presentations here

Anna Philpott




  Speakers Chair

Aracely Castillo Venzor, PhD Student (Surani)         

Title: "Genesis of the Human Germline"      

Marta Vila Gonzalez, Postdoc (Vallier) 

"iPSC-derived AECs as a model to study Cystic Fibrosis" You can view the presentation here


Kevin Chalut

Iva Kelava, PhD Student, (Lancaster)

Title: "Sex hormones and the human developing brain”

Hendrik Runge, Postdoc, (Hodson)

Title:  “The Heterodimeric Transcription Factor OCT2/OCA-B in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL)”

You can view the presentation here.

Daniel Hodson

Andrew Malcolm, PhD Student (Rugg-Gunn)

Title: "Lineage priming in human embryonic stem cells by DPPA2/4”  You can view the presentation here

Margarete Fabre, PhD Student (Vassiliou)

Title: "The natural history of clonal haematopoiesis"

George Vassiliou

Carys Johnson, PhD Student (Laurenti)

Title: "scRNA-Seq of cultured human Haematopoietic Stem Cells identifies rapid and cell cycle independent loss of self renewal capacity"

Jorg Morf, Postdoc (Basu)

Title: "MLL2 sets up neural cell fate during transition from naive to formative pluripotency"

You can view the presentation here.

Srinjan Basu


  Speakers Chair



James Baye, PhD Student (Chalut) 

Title: "Uncertainty quantification of single-cell RNA sequencing"                    

David Lando, Postdoc (Laue)

Title: "A reorganisation of 3D genome folding during early differentiation"

You can view the presentations here.

Ernest Laue







Aditi Vedi, PhD Student (Laurenti)

Title: “Functional Changes from Clonal Haematopoiesis to Leukemia” 

Staffan Holmqvist, Postdoc (Rowitch)

Title: “From high throughput screening and big data - to - astrocytes role in circuit metabolism”

Elisa Laurenti

Aleksandra Jartseva, PhD Student (Laue)

Title: "Single-molecule imaging for understanding
chromatin organisation"

Kyungtae Lim, Postdoc (Rawlins)

Title: "Developmental Acquisition of Alveolar Signature in Human
Fetal Lung"

Emma Rawlins


Emily Mitchell, PhD Student (Campbell)

Title: "Haematopoietic stem cell ageing – single cell approaches to a population level perspective

Amie Waller, Postdoc (Ghevaert)

Title: "Viral interaction with megakaryocytes and the resulting effects on platelet count and function”     

Cedric Ghevaert


Silvia Benito Kwiecinski, PhD Student (Lancaster)

Title: Studying early neural morphogenesis in ape-derived brain organoids

Hongorzul Davaapil Postdoc (Sinha)

Title:  “Disease in a dish”: steps towards personalised medicine for aortic disease

Sanjay Sinha


  Speakers Chair

Dawei Sun, PhD Student (Rawlins)

Title: "A Pair of SOXs in Human Lung Development: Combining Organoid and CRISPR Technology to Study Human Biology"

Jingyu Chen, Postdoc (Ringshausen)

Title: "Atransposon-based ‘hypermutated’ mouse model for preclinical drug
testing in B cell malignancies"

Ingo Ringshausen

Adam Young, PhD Student (Franklin)

Title: "Transcriptomic plasticity of adult human microglia and implications for remyelination"

Guilia Bonetto, Postdoc, (Káradóttir)

Title: "Working memory acquisition requires novel myelin formation in task-specific brain regions"

Robin Franklin

Kelly Evans, PhD Student (Lee)

Title:"Human lung organoids to model SARS-CoV-2 infection"

Anna Maria Ranzoni, Postdoc (Cvejic)

Title: "Integrative single-cell RNA-Seq and ATAC-Seq analysis of human foetal haematopoiesis"

Joo Lee

Souradip Mookerjee (Ghevaert)

Title: "Engineering megakaryocytes to produce FVIIa-loaded platelets; a novel approach to treating acute bleeding"

Rute Tomaz, Postdoc, (Vallier)

Title: "The Role of Nuclear Receptors in Hepatocyte Maturation"

Brian Huntly



  Speakers Chair

Arthur Radley, PhD Student, Nichols lab

Title: "Entropy Sorting; A new method for interrogating high dimensional scRNA-seq data"

Myriam Haltalli (Göttgens)

Title: "Manipulating niche composition limits damage to haematopoietic stem cells during Plasmodium infection”                                                                                                

Bertie Göttgens