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International Seminars

This seminar series is our flagship monthly event, featuring a leading international speaker from the stem cell field and attracting an audience from around Cambridge and beyond.

The usual time and place for these seminars is 12:30pm at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre Lecture Theatre.

(Scheduling may alter based on speaker availability.  Please refer to the advertised posters for exact details.)

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact .


Next Seminar

22 January, 12:30pm

Elizabeth Robertson, Professor of Developmental Biology, University of Oxford,   

Title: "Signalling pathways regulating cell fate allocation in the early post-implantation mouse embryo"  

12 February, 12:30pm

To be confirmed 

13 March, 12:30pm

Timm Schroeder, Professor of Cell Systems Dynamics, ETH, Zurich

Title to be confirmed

22 April, 12:30pm

James Briscoe, Senior Group Leader, Francis Crick Institute, UK

Title to be confirmed

13 May, 12:30pm

Pierre Vanderhaeghen, Group Leader, VIB-KU Leuven

Title to be confirmed

24 June, 12:30pm

Mark MercolaProfessor, Department of Medicine and Cardiovascular Institute, Stanford University

Title to be confirmed