SCI Affiliates

Independent group leaders whose research intersects with, or who have emerging programmes in, stem cell biology and medicine.

Best headshot

Professor Serena Best

Medical materials

Bradley headshot

Professor Allan Bradley

Genome engineering

Buczaki headshot

Dr Simon Buczacki

Colorectal cancers

Cameron headshot

Professor Ruth Cameron

Medical materials

Campbell headshot

Dr Peter Campbell

Cancer genomics

Sara-Jane Dunn Nov 2016

Dr Sara-Jane Dunn

Decision making in stem cells

Ferguson-Smith headshot

Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith

Stem cells and the epigenetic programme

Fisher headshot

Dr Jasmin Fisher

Executable biology

Franze headshot

Dr Kristian Franze

CNS development and disease

Frye headshot

Dr Michaela Frye

Stem Cell Homeostasis and Disease

Gilbertson headshot

Professor Richard Gilbertson

Childhood brain tumours

Hemberger headshot

Dr Myriam Hemberger

Trophoblast stem cells

Huch headshot

Dr Meritxell Huch

Stem cells and tissue regeneration

Jones headshot

Dr Phil Jones

Epidermal stem cells

Liu headshot

Dr Pentao Liu

Human iPS cells

Livesey headshot

Dr Rick Livesey

Human stem cell models of dementia

Martin headshot

Professor Keith Martin

Neuroprotection and repair of the visual system

Martinez-Arias headshot

Professor Alfonso Martinez-Arias

The structure and function of living matter

Merkle headshot

Dr Florian Merkle

Human stem cell models of obesity and neurological disease

Pina headshot

Dr Cristina Pina

Haematopoietic stem cells

Rawlins headshot

Dr Emma Rawlins

Stem cell fate in the mammalian lung

Reik headshot

Professor Wolf Reik

Epigenetic reprogramming in mammalian development

Rugg-Gunn headshot

Dr Peter Rugg-Gunn


Surani headshot

Professor Azim Surani

Specification and programming of the germline for totipotency and development

Warren headshot

Professor Alan Warren

Mechanisms of ribosome assembly and stem cell subversion

Watson headshot

Professor Christine Watson

Stem cell and lineage determining factors in mammary gland

Winton headshot

Dr Doug Winton

Intestinal stem cells

Zilbauer headshot

Dr Matthias Zilbauer

Intestinal stem cell biology

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