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Inspiring Communication, Presenting Your Research - Master Class

Learn how to communicate with confidence and take your place in public life, with inspiring scientist and TV presenter Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE Read more >

When: Tue 5th May 2015 at 00:00


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Wellcome Trust - Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

The Wellcome Trust-Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute is an international centre of excellence for research into stem cell biology and medicine. Scientists in the Institute collaborate to generate new knowledge and understanding of the biology of stem cells and provide the foundation for new medical treatments. The Institute is supported by a strategic funding partnership between the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council.


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Recent Publications


Activin/Nodal signaling and NANOG orchestrate human embryonic stem cell fate decisions

Human embryonic stem cells are capable to self-renew while maintaining the capacity to differentiate into a broad diversity of cell types. Activin/Nodal Read more >
Grey matter

The role of immune cells, glia and neurons in white and grey matter pathology in multiple sclerosis

This review aims at providing a comprehensive overview of the interplay between inflammation, glial/neuronal damage and regeneration throughout the course Read more >

Robust derivation of epicardium from human pluripotent stem cells

The embryonic epicardium gives rise to key cardiovascular tissue including coronary artery smooth muscle cells and cardiac fibroblasts. We have modelled Read more >

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Athena SWAN Bronze Award

Athena SWAN Bronze Award The Wellcome Trust - Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute is proud to announce that we have received an Athena SWAN Bronze Award for... Read more >

Interview with Rick Livesey

Portrait large Interview with Rick Livesey about his stem cell 'mini brains' that can help researchers study the progression of Alzheimer's disease inthe Sunday Express.... Read more >

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