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Wellcome Trust - Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

We draw together outstanding scientists and clinical researchers from 24 stem cell laboratories in the University of Cambridge to form an international centre of excellence in stem cell biology and medicine. Scientists in the Institute collaborate to generate new knowledge and understanding of the biology of stem cells and provide the foundation for new medical treatments. The Institute is supported by a strategic funding partnership between the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council.

Recent Publications


CODEX: next-generation sequencing database for haematopoietic and embryonic stem cell communities

CODEX provides one of the most complete resources of publicly available Next Generation Sequencing data which focuses on haematopoiesis and embryonic stem Read more >
Clonal expansion of genetically labelled cells in the cortex.

Deterministic progenitor behavior and unitary neuron production in the neocortex

Radial glial progenitors (RGPs) are responsible for generating neurons and glia in the mammalian neocortex. However, the kinetics and division pattern Read more >
Stem cells use “first aid kits” to repair damage

Stem cells use “first aid kits” to repair damage

Neural stem cells – master cells that can develop into any type of nerve cell – are able to generate mini “first aid kits” and Read more >
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Latest News

Ben Simons awarded the Franklin Medal and Prize

Ben Simons new Congratulations to Ben Simons who has been awarded the 2014 Franklin Medal and Prize! Read more >

Help us grow 3D lung tissue from stem cells to uncover more about the biggest cancer killer

Grow 3D lung tissue Dr Michaela Frye and Dr Feride Oeztuerk-Winder are using 3D techniques to create accurate in vitro culturing models of human lung. Read more >

Three key admin vacancies

Jobs Three key admin roles are currently available at the SCI. Read more >

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