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Stem and progenitor cells are essential for the maintenance of metazoan tissues. Their dysfunction underlies diverse human diseases and their manipulation provides enormous therapeutic possibilities. The Cambridge Stem Cell Institute (CSCI) is a world-leading centre for stem cell research. Its mission is to transform the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease through a deep understanding of the mechanisms regulating stem and progenitor cells, both normal and pathological. In 2018 CSCI investigators, currently based in 6 different locations, will come together in a new purpose-built building on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus adjacent to Addenbrookes Hospital.


Tony Green was appointed as Director from April 2016. He is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board within the Institute and also by an International Scientific Advisory Board.

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Professor Tony Green

Institute Director


Scientific Advisory Board

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Professor Roger Barker Professor Robin Franklin Professor Bertie Göttgens Professor Brian Huntly
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Professor Andrew McCaskie Dr Jenny Nichols Professor Anna Philpott Professor David Rowitch
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Professor Ben Simons Professor Austin Smith  Professor Ludovic Vallier  


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Read more about our past acheivements in our Annual Reviews or take a look at our current research groups and latest news


The Cambridge Stem Cell Institute is kindly funded by the following organisations:

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