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Institute PIs awarded university promotions

last modified Jun 26, 2020 02:31 PM
Many congratulations to our institute and affiliate PIs who have been awarded promotions through the University’s Academic Promotions process recognising their outstanding work.

Dr Cédric Ghevaert has been promoted to the position of Reader in Transfusion Medicine. Cédric is a group leader at the Stem Cell Institute and the Department of Haematology and a consultant haematologist for NHS Blood and Transplant. The Ghevaert group’s research focuses on the production of blood cells for human use, namely red cells and platelets.

Dr Kevin Chalut has been promoted to the position of Principal Research Associate. Kevin is group leader at the Stem Cell Institute and a member of the Department of Physics. His lab use tools and concepts of physics and engineering to understand how stem cells make decisions and the interplay between stem cells and their environment.

Affiliate PI Dr Kristian Franze, a group leader at the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience has been promoted to Professor of Neuronal Mechanics. The Franze group take an interdisciplinary approach to investigate how cellular forces, local cell and tissue compliance and cellular mechanosensitivity contribute to central nervous system  development and disease.

Dr Doug Winton, an affiliate PI based at the CRUK Cambridge Institute, has been promoted to Professor of Epithelial Biology. The Winton group’s research focuses on colon cancer and are interested in the properties of stem cells and how they are programmed and regulated to allow self-renewal.

These promotions will take effect from the 1st of October 2020.