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Research Culture and Integrity Overview

Ensuring high standards of research culture and integrity are central to the mission and success of the SCI. The Institute subscribes to the Concordat to Support Research Integrity and supports the promotion of honesty, openness and transparency for the research carried out across the SCI, the promotion of care and respect for others involved in our research, and the promotion of compliance with legal and ethical responsibilities placed on us by the University and our funders. The Institute  believes that the excellence of our institute is contingent both on what we produce and how we produce it and as such aims to facilitate a research culture which promotes a positive working environment.

In 2020 a series of workshops and seminars Empowering Research will take place at the institute, covering a range of topics such as research integrity, data management, open access and research ethics. These workshops will be open to all institute and affiliate researchers and will provide training and advice on these important areas in research culture and integrity.

The Institute supports the Research Integrity policies promoted by the University and the Clinical School Policies on the Research Governance webpages. Links to a range of policies from the University, Clinical School and our funders can be found on the Guidelines and Policies page.

Students and staff with any suggestions, queries or concerns can contact members of the committee or the Research Communications Manager

Research Culture & Integrity Committee

The Research Culture & Integrity Committee at the Institute play an important role in the development and implementation of guidelines, procedures and policies related to research culture and integrity, including reproducibility, misconduct, and data management.

The SCI Research Culture & Integrity committee has representation across all components of the SCI and reports directly to the Senior Advisory Committee (SAC).


Bertie Göttgens

Group Leader

 128-Alcolea 2017

Dr Maria Alcolea

Group Leader

Roger Barker 2020
Group Leader

Maite Bejar 

Dr Maite Bejar

Post-doc (Alcolea lab)

Fulvia Carotenuto

Fulvia Carotenuto

Institute Administrative Assistant

Frances England

Frances England

PhD Student

Hall Steph

Dr Stephanie Hall

Principal Technician


Dr Brian Hendrich

Group Leader

Brian Huntly 2019

Professor Brian Huntly

Group Leader

Light Katie

Katie Light

Research Strategy

and Communications Manager

Sarah Pallett

Sarah Pallett

Research Assistant (Chalut lab)

Maria-Nefeli Skoufou-Papoutsaki

Nefeli Skoufou-Papoutsaki

PhD Student


Nicola Wilson

Dr Nicola Wilson

Post-doc (Göttgens lab)