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Gut research identifies key cellular changes associated with childhood-onset Crohn’s Disease

8 December 2020

Scientists have tracked the very early stages of human foetal gut development in incredible detail, and found specific cell functions that appear to be reactivated in the gut of children with Crohn’s Disease. The results are an important step towards better management and treatment of this devastating condition. The...

Severe infections wreak havoc on mouse blood cell production

23 November 2020

Severe infections like malaria cause short and long-term damage to precursor blood cells in mice, but some damage could be reversed, find researchers. A team led by researchers from Imperial College London, The Francis Crick Institute and the Wellcome – MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute have discovered that severe...

Uncovering Network Control of Blood Cell Production

26 October 2020

Blood stem and progenitor cells are responsible for the constant production of red and white blood cells, and also platelets, with millions of these blood cells being produced every second. Disruption of this blood cell production system can lead to diseases such as leukaemia, a type of blood cancer caused by a rapid overproduction of abnormal white blood cells.

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