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Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

Latest news

Saying a big "Welcome to the CSCI!" to our new cohort of Postgraduate students

7 October 2021

A total of 23 new Postgraduate students started here at the Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute on Monday 4 October 2021

Congratulations to Dr Mohorianu, awarded the Turing Fellowship for Computer Science (Machine Learning & Bioinformatics)

4 October 2021

Dr Irina Mohorianu's research focusses on the characterisation of Gene Regulatory Networks from multi-omics, single cell perspectives using (supervised and unsupervised) Machine Learning methods

Welcoming Dr Fotios Sampaziotis, who joins the team of CSCI Principal Investigators

4 October 2021

Dr Fotios Sampaziotis was recently awarded a UKRI New Leaders Fellowship towards his research based here at the Wellcome - MRC - Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

The Cambridge Stem Cell Institute is a world-leading centre for stem cell research.

Our mission is to transform human health through a deep understanding of stem cell biology.

We're funded by Wellcome and the Medical Research Council.

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