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Manipulating single gene can reverse brain stem cell ageing in mice, scientists discover

21 September 2021

Scientists studying the condition multiple sclerosis (MS) have identified that a single gene, when manipulated, can make older brain stem cells behave like younger, more efficient cells.

Development study reveals origins of inflammatory bowel disease

8 September 2021

A new large-scale study mapped the cells in the human gut from early development through to adulthood, creating the most comprehensive cell atlas of the gut to date.

Cambridge Children’s Hospital – Treating the whole child

2 September 2021

Professor David Rowitch, Principal Investigator at CSCI and Head of Paediatrics at the University of Cambridge discusses a bold new endeavour.

Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith among female scientists leading success in 2021 Royal Society awards

26 August 2021

The Buchanan Medal has been awarded for her distinguished contribution to biomedical science.

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