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CSCI scientists finalise induction into Royal Society

25 July 2022

Last month at the Royal Society in London, CSCI scientists Professor David Rowitch and Professor Benjamin Simons were invited to sign the charter of Royal Fellowship, finalising their induction into the Royal Society. While they were initially elected as Fellows in May 2021 , the official ceremony was delayed by COVID-19...

Scientists discover genes that affect the risk of developing pre-leukaemia

14 July 2022

The discovery of 14 inherited genetic changes which significantly increase the risk of a person developing a symptomless blood disorder associated with the onset of some types of cancer and heart disease is published today in Nature Genetics . The finding, made in one of the largest studies of its kind through genetic data...

Research shows early embryo similarities across six different mammal species

20 June 2022

A cross-species analysis of energy metabolism in mammalian embryogenesis Cells of the early mammalian embryo face a unique challenge: to produce large numbers of progeny quickly while regulating appropriate cell differentiation in a short amount of time. The regulation of energy metabolism is crucial for these processes...

Molecular 3D-maps unlock new ways of studying human reproduction

16 June 2022

Scientists have identified the biochemical signals that control the emergence of the body pattern in the primate embryo. This will guide work to understand birth defects and pregnancy loss in humans. The study also provides a crucial reference for foetal tissue generation in the lab. Such tissue is in short supply but is...

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