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Latest news

Tracing oncogene-driven remodeling of the intestinal stem cell niche

7 June 2021

Mutant intestinal epithelial cells remodel their environment to gain competitive advantage, providing a first step in cancer initiation.

Uncovering how our bodies develop from a single cell

18 May 2021

Stem cell researchers studying how our bodies come into being from a single cell during normal development could help us to understand genetic diseases that arise during pregnancy.

Group Leaders elected Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences

12 May 2021

Principal Investigators Professor Brian Huntly and Professor Ben Simons are among 50 biomedical and health scientists to join the Fellowship.

Institute Group Leaders elected Fellows of the Royal Society

6 May 2021

Group Leaders Professor David Rowitch and Professor Ben Simons, alongside Affiliate Principal Investigator Dr Peter Campbell, have joined the Royal Society as Fellows.

The Cambridge Stem Cell Institute is a world-leading centre for stem cell research.

Our mission is to transform human health through a deep understanding of stem cell biology.

We're funded by Wellcome and the Medical Research Council.

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