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Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

sheep blastocyst regenerated from an isolated inner cell mass

Stem cells have the extraordinary ability to develop into any type of cell in the body. We study the fundamentals of stem cell biology to understand the mechanisms by which they self-renew, maintain their states and commit to differentiate into all the cell types of the body.

Establishing new understanding of stem cell biology and behaviour complements and informs our studies of stem cell dysfunction in disease and provides the foundation of our translational aspirations for stem cells and therapeutics.

The Institute has a range of group leaders working across different topics within the stem cell states theme, details listed below. More information on each researcher's specific area can be found on their group pages.

Dr Maria Alcolea

Understanding epithelial cell fate using the oesophagus as a model system.    

Bertie Gottgens

Prof Bertie Göttgens

Understanding cellular decision making in normal and leukaemic blood stem cells.

Prof Tony Green

Establishing how blood stem cells are subverted in blood cancers.

Brian Hendrich

Dr Brian Hendrich

Studying how genetic changes underpin stem cell fate decisions.

Dr Ragnhildur Thóra Káradóttir

Researching how brain stem cells decide to become myelinating cells and how they can be manipulated to repair myelin in disease.

Elisa Laurenti

Dr Elisa Laurenti

Investigating human blood stem cells biology in health and disease.

Dr Joo-Hyeon Lee

Studying how stem cells respond to environmental stimuli using the lung as a model system.

Simon Mendez-Ferrer

Dr Simón Méndez-Ferrer

Focusing on blood stem cells and their environment in health and disease.   

Prof Anna Philpott

Researching the mechanisms driving cellular decision-making in health and disease.

Prof David Rowitch

Investigating how genes determine development and diversity of glial cells in the brain.

Prof Ben Simons

Tracing stem cell fate in development, maintenance and disease.

Dr Kostas Tzelepis 

Studying stem cells in Cancer, Ageing, and
RNA modifications